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  • 8 Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

    In Healthy Food On 07 February 2018

    There are numerous health benefits of cashew nuts. Include 30 grams of cashew nuts daily in your diet as a snacks, but that should be unsalted. Cashew Nuts help to lower high blood pressure level. Cashew nuts contain high amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous. Phosphorous present in cashew nuts in a very appropriate amount  this will make your bone strong and healthy. Cashew Nuts also help to lose weight. Though cashew nuts contain high amounts of fat but the fats are monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fatty acids. When combination of these two fats are taken regularly this improves our heart health, reduces LDL-C, increases HDL-C and prevents weight gain. If only 30 grams of cashew nuts can be included daily it will reduce your appetite and gives you a feeling of satiety. Cashew nuts are excellent for our eyes. This contains lutein and zeaxanthin, act as an antioxidant. These protect our eyes from light damage. Daily intake of cashew nuts helps to prevent gall stones. Cashews are rich in Copper, this helps to metabolise Iron. Iron helps to form red blood cells(RBC). Thus Cashew nuts are also preventing anaemia and boost immune system. Cashew nuts help to improve nervous system. High amount of magnesium present in cashew helps to prevent calcium from entering in blood stream. Too much calcium in blood can make your nervous system hyper active. Magnesiun helps to make your nervous system healthy. Cashew nuts help to prevent depression. Tryptophan is an amino acid present in cashew nuts that breaks down and form serotonin, a good feeling hormone and niacin. This removes anxiety and tension, reduces depression and improves your sleep.  Cashew also contains high amount Thus, 30 grams or 1 handful of cashew nuts include in your diet regularly but it should be unsalted and do not fry the cashew nuts.  

  • Few Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

    In Healthy Food On 09 February 2018

    Apple Cider is the juice which is excreted from the pulp of pureed apple. When the juice is fermented then apple cider vinegar is made. Though there are many health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but first I want to specify one specific problem that is Urine Infection. Urine infection is a common problem which most of the people have experienced especially girls. Bacteria that enters through urethra and moves to bladder and cause urine infection. Some bacteria attached with the wall and multiply quickly. Apple cider vinegar flush out the toxicity and clears the infection. 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar mix with 1 cup of lukewarm water and have 3 times daily. You will get result within 2 days.  Pain and irritation will decrease slowly. Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce stomach upset. If you have a stomach upset just add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water and have this 2 times daily, this will clear the bacterial infection as apple cider vinegar has the antibacterial property. Apple cider vinegar helps to prevent indigestion. If you are planning to go out with friends and want to have a little spicy food, then just add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar mix with a glass of water and have this 1 hour before meal. Apple cider vinegar aids to lose weight. Basically apple cider vinegar increases metabolism and reduces appetite, thus this helps to reduce weight in a healthy way. Apple cider vinegar helps to boost energy. Exercise and extreme stress cause lactic acid to build up in the body, this causes fatigue. Amino acid present in apple cider vinegar acts as an antidote and gives you energy. So just add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 1 glass of fruit juice and include in your diet. This will boost your immunity, you will full energetic throughout the day. Other benefits are: 1. Apple cider vinegar helps to regulate blood sugar level.                                  2. Apple cider vinegar maintains your cholesterol level.                                  3. Apple cider vinegar maintains blood pressure level.                                  4. This is good for your skin. Just add few drops of apple cider vinegar on your cotton ball and rub on your face, wash after 15 minutes, you will get a healthy glowing skin.  So do not think twice, just add apple cider vinegar in your daily diet from today and live a healthy life forever.  

  • Dark Chocolate

    In Healthy Food On 13 February 2018

    Dark Chocolate: When we hear the word chocolate it feels like wowww, but often we hesitate while having chocolate. Now everyone is conscious about weight so we hesitate whether we should take or not. For all of them who loves chocolate, instead of milk chocolate switch to dark chocolate. There are many health benefits of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is made up of the seeds of cocoa tree and is loaded with antioxidants. Nutrients present in dark chocolate: Dark chocolate contains fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Moreover the sugar contains is very low. The fatty acids present in cocoa is excellent basically the combination of mono unsaturated, poly unsaturated and a little saturated fatty acids. Thus consuming a little amount of dark chocolate is beneficial for all of us. Antioxidant: Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidant, polyphenols, flavonols, catechins. Polyphenols help to prevent type2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. On the other hand flavonols helps to increase HDL-C and reduces the risks of heart attack and reduces blood pressure. Catechins helps to reduce weight and toning. Flavonols present in dark chocolate not only good for health, this is also good for skin. This protects our skin from uv rays. Other benefits: Cocoa present in dark chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which improves brain functions. Dark chocolate also improves blood flow to the brain. Dark chocolate boosts our energy and improves our immune system.  Dark chocolate not only good for our health, this helps to boost our mood and we stay calm and positive. So friends, include dark chocolate 2 small pcs regularly or every alternative day inyour diet. Those who are obese can have dark chocolate twice in a week(2 small pcs) in their diet. So gift dark chocolate to your loved ones on Valentine's Day and make each other fit and happy.

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