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Diabetic Diet

Diabetic Diet

Diabetic Diet: Diabetes is not a disease, it is a metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to use and store glucose. There are two types of diabetes. Type1 and Type2.

Type 1 diabetes

  • About 10% of all diabetics
  • Usually diagnosed before the age of 35
  • Sudden acute onset of the disease
  • Total insulin deficiency due to destruction of the beta cells
  • Caused by an autoimmune disease.

Type 2 diabetes

  • About 90% of all cases of diabetes
  • Frequently diagnosed in mid to late adulthood
  • Slow, insidious development of the disease
  • Frequently goes undetected
  • Initial diminished sensitivity to insulin, later also defective insulin production.
  • Caused by excess weight, lack of physical activity, genetic factors
  • Treatment: weight loss, increase in physical activity, medication to lower blood sugar, insulin.
  • Frequently emerges in connection with high blood pressure, fat metabolism disorders and excess weight.


  • To understand better what is diabetes all about and what is diabetic diet
  • Difference between Type1 and Type2 diabetes and about diabetic diet for each. 
  • Symptoms of diabetes and if the sugar level increase or decrease what will be the symptom and what remedies should be taken instantly.
  • What are the common term related with diabetes.
  • What test need to be done to check your diabetes level and what will be your diet accordingly.
  • What other tests needs to be done 
  • Which organs affects if you have high diabetes for a longer period
  • There are many myths about diabetic diet, what is actually the diabetic diet.
  • People who have diabetes are generally afraid of many things and a general concept they can not even touch sweets or chocolate, but what actually a diabetic patient can have, so basically understanding the whole concept properly.
  • Understand what is healthy fat and what is unhealthy fat and what fat can be included in diabetic diet.
  • Tricks of cutting down the hidden sugar from your diet which actually can raise your sugar level.
  • What is portion control and why this is important in diabetic diet.
  • What is eye estimation
  • How to make your food healthy as well as tasty in diabetic diet.
  • What food should be chosen outside or in a restaurant in a diabetic diet.
  • There are some diabetic superfood which actually helps to reduce blood sugar level, needs to keep those food in diet regularly or alternatively.
  • What should be there in your plate and what will be the amount. Food plate or food pyramid in a diabetic diet.
  • What is VPT
  • Importance of glucometer in diabetes.
  • Workout with fun and be fit with diabetes.

We know that prevention is better than cure. So if you are on a pre diabetes stage which means your sugar level is higher than normal but not so high to go for a diabetes treatment or medication. Try to take necessary prevention from that phase.

Diabetes is not a disease, a metabolic disorder which has been spread rapidly. There are so many myths about diabetes but in reality the diet is very simple and easy to follow. No need to follow any crash diet. Only a balanced diet and there are few superfood which actually helps in reducing sugar level. Basically diabetic Diet is not very difficult to follow. Follow the guidelines which will be prescribed as per the requirements and stay fit and healthy forever with diabetes.smiley


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