Consult for Cardiovascular disease & High cholesterol Diet
Cardiovascular & High cholesterol Diet

Cardiovascular & High cholesterol Diet

Cardiovascular & High Cholesterol Diet: 

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in our blood, which is produced naturally in the liver. Everyone has cholesterol. We need it to stay healthy because every cell in our body uses it. Some of this cholesterol comes from the food that we eat.

There are two main types of cholesterol – one is 'good' and the other is 'bad'. Having too much 'bad' cholesterol can cause problems. It can clog up the arteries carrying blood around your body. This can cause heart and circulatory diseases like a heart attack & Stroke.

Cholesterol is carried around the body through our bloodstream by proteins (the building blocks of our cells). When cholesterol and proteins are combined, they are called lipoproteins. 

Service Provides: 

  • Knowing about what is cholesterol & the relation between heart health with cholesterol and what is cardiovascular and high cholesterol diet is.
  • Importance of cholesterol and if the level exceeds what will be the adverse effects.
  • What causes high cholesterol and learning about lowering cholesterol level naturally without medicine by following cardiovascular and high cholesterol diet
  • Learning about what is bad cholesterol, sources and how this negatively effects our heart.
  • What is good cholesterol, the sources of food and how cardiovascular and high cholesterol diet helps to keep our heart healthy.
  • What is triglycerides and the impact on heart.

  • Knowing about heart friendly food which should be there in our diet regularly. cardiovascular and high cholesterol diet will keep our heart healthy and prevent attack.

  • Learning about healthy fat and the food sources which helps to raise good cholesterol.

  • To know about unhealthy fat which are saturated fat and trans fat, what are the sources, how to omit this completely from your diet.

  • Lifestyle modification and cardiovascular and high cholesterol diet can help you to reduce cholesterol level and can maintain a healthy lipid profile. Even if you do not take medicine you can live a healthy life.

  • Exercise, brisk walk, yoga or any activity helps to reduce your bad cholesterol level. Try to do this with fun.

  • Importance of Indian spices to make your heart healthy and how it helps to cut down cholesterol level.

  • Do not make your diet monotonous and boring, just follow cardiovascular and high cholesterol diet chart which is being prescribed and change it according to the needs. 

  • Importance of drinks which will maintain your lipid profile and improves blood circulation. 

  • High cholesterol and cardiovascular disease both are interrelated. When there is too much cholesterol in your blood, it builds up in the walls of your arteries, causing a process called atherosclerosis, a form of heart disease. The arteries become narrowed and blood flow to the heart muscle is slowed down or blocked. Proper diet and Lifestyle changes can help to achieve the best result. Similarly this is important to check your lipid profile as advised by your doctor. As we know prevention is better than cure. So try to maintain proper LDL-C and triglyceride level and prevent blockage. by following cardiovascular and high cholesterol diet. Few food if you can include daily or alternatively in your diet will help to maintain proper cholesterol level.

If your LDL-C is higher than normal, do not panic, a little modification and disciplined life & cardiovascular and high cholesterol diet can help you to prevent heart attack. So stay fit and keep your heart young always.smiley


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