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Keto Diet

Keto Diet

Keto Diet: The ketogenic diet has been around for nearly one-hundred years, but it’s gaining more and more popularity as modern dieters learn that the Western diet simply doesn’t work. In fact, some celebrities are even getting in on the diet.

When you are on keto diet, ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body uses fat rather than glucose from carbohydrate as its primary source of energy. To achieve ketosis, you stop supplying your body with carbohydrate and sugar. This depletes your stored glucose also known as glycogen and your blood sugar and insulin levels decrease.

Service Provides: 

  • What is keto diet
  • To know about the food which can be included in keto diet and what should be avoided completely when you are in this diet
  • To know about how fat burns in keto diet and what are the benefits.
  • Why keto diet increases your energy level and you will feel good both physically and mentally.
  • To understand how keto diet helps to reduce weight within a very short time period without decreasing the energy level.
  • What will be the guideline for a beginner who is going to start keto diet.
  • What is the difference between Paleo Diet and keto diet.
  • Knowing about the percentage of Protein, carbohydrate and fat should be given in keto diet.
  • Calculating calorie while having meal is not right so do not count calorie while you are in keto diet. Even though the fat intake will be too high don’t be scared this will not increase your weight.
  • Which food group should be there in your diet and which food should be eliminated when you are in keto diet.
  • To know the role of fruits and vegetables and how much you should have when you are on keto diet.
  • How long you should follow keto diet.
  • To understand the role of fluid when you are on this diet and why this is so important.
  • Who should follow keto diet and who should not follow keto diet at all.
  • Keto diet has few stages which needs to be changed in every 3 weeks according to the requirements. How long you should follow keto diet.
  • Follow the keto diet chart is being prescribed and you will get result within a short period of time.

As we know keto diet is a specific diet which can be followed for a particular period of time. There will be less of carbohydrate and more of protein and fat. This diet is healthy and tasty as well and also helps to lose weight. For instant weight reduction keto diet is a great choice.

The way keto diet works is that it cuts out carbohydrates from your food, allowing your body to utilize fats for energy production. Being high on fats, moderate on proteins and low on carbohydrate, keto diet alters the metabolism of the body, making it dependent on proteins and fats for its energy requirements and ultimately resulting in weight loss. Thus players and celebrities also following keto diet these days, basically a number of celebrities have been known to depend on it to achieve their respective body goals.smiley


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